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Listen to the Dead

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The past doesn’t just haunt… sometimes it kills.


Emily Burroughs, an ambitious Washington DC attorney, stood on the precipice of attaining everything she thought she wanted. But life knocks her flat on her face when she abruptly loses her job, and her boyfriend finally proposes—to someone else. Pitched into a sea of self-doubt, she thinks life can’t get worse until a ghostly veiled woman appears in her bedroom shadows, and leaves behind a horrifying omen—a makeshift noose.


To Emily, the haunting is a warning from the universe—remain in DC, and risk a slow, asphyxiating death. Emboldened, she seizes on a temporary escape: a program promising self-discovery through women's literature at the University of Heidelberg, Germany. It’s a radical detour from the mapped-out trajectory of her life, but she needs time to reflect and reevaluate.


In Heidelberg, Emily meets Rolf Hartmann, a professor obsessed with Elisabeth Brech, a troubled German-English writer from the early 20th century. When Rolf shares Brech’s unpublished poems, Emily is shocked to discover one identical to her own—a poem about growing insecurities. The unnerving coincidence propels a deeply shaken Emily to investigate Brech’s life, convinced it holds meaning for her own. Other eerie parallels between Emily and Brech soon emerge, and their lives appear inexplicably entangled.


But more alarmingly, the veiled ghost has stalked Emily across the Atlantic. Far from being a cosmic signpost, the ghostly woman wants Emily dead. When Emily uncovers a disturbing link between Brech and the sinister ghost, her search for answers takes on new urgency.


With the ghost drawing nearer and the stakes growing higher, Emily races to unravel the mystery. Teaming up with Rolf, the two delve deeper into the past, uncovering shocking secrets about Brech's life and the events that led to her death. Discovering the truth will have profound implications, and not just for Emily. Because Brech has one last message for future generations of women and it’s up to Emily to tell it... 


If she can stay alive.

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